Can I use EnvKey with X language?

Yes. The envkey-source bash command exports your EnvKey config as environment variables, which can be accessed by any language. It pairs well with Docker. 

If you develop in Ruby, Python, Node.js, or Go, we also have have officially supported libraries that make integration even simpler. More of these are coming soon, and you can also easily build your own on top of envkey-fetch

Does EnvKey work on Windows / Linux / OSX?

Yes. EnvKey is cross-platform. The only caveat is that on Windows, you'll need a bash shell like git bash to use envkey-source. EnvKey's Ruby, Node, Python, and Go libraries will work on Windows without any extra effort.

Does EnvKey work with EC2 / GCP / Heroku / Kubernetes / CircleCI / Jenkins / Ansible / et al?

Yes. As long as you can set an environment variable, you can use EnvKey with any host or tool you like.

Why do I need to download an app? Can't you make a web interface?

Unfortunately, it's still not possible to implement true zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption on the web. Apart from a fundamental chicken-and-egg problem when it comes to server trust, there's no way to protect against all those ever-so-convenient browser extensions that so many folks have given full-page permissions.

Be wary of web-based services that claim they can't access your data. They almost certainly can, and claiming otherwise indicates that they haven't thought through the problem very well.

Can I self-host EnvKey?

EnvKey v2 is almost ready to go. It focuses on self-hosting and robustness for enterprise use cases, including version control, audit logs, SSO, automation, and team management, along with many other powerful new features.

Find out when it launches:

Do I really need to encrypt and control access to development secrets?

Yes, because the line between what's a production secret and what's a development secret is inherently fuzzy. Some development API keys aren't completely sandboxed, meaning that a compromised development key can still cause serious damage. It's also fairly common to pull production config into a development environment in order to debug or test with production data. Deployment and infrastructure management is another area that will often have tendrils reaching into development. 

At the end of the day, the safe and foolproof approach is to treat your development secrets with the same care as your production secrets. EnvKey makes this painless.

Can I use EnvKey for client-side configuration in the browser?

Yes, with caution. Since EnvKey is for configuration in addition to secrets, it can be convenient to inject a portion of your EnvKey config into your client-side code. This should be done by whitelisting variables that are safe and injecting them during your build process. EnvKey has a webpack plugin to help you do it right. 

Does EnvKey have an API?

EnvKey does not yet have a traditional public-facing API, but it does have the envkey-fetch library—a cross-platform executable that accepts a valid ENVKEY and returns config as decrypted json. It can be used to build higher level tools. 

Protect your team's secrets. Simplify your config.

EnvKey is desktop-only.
Check back on desktop to download.