Stop sharing API keys, credentials, and configuration insecurely.

Sharing secrets over insecure channels like email, Slack, or Google Drive in plain text is a significant, unnecessary risk. When critical API keys and credentials are spread widely in third party accounts, the surface area for attacks and accidental exposures becomes very large. With EnvKey, there's a better way.

Strengthen security with a small time investment.

Sure, you say, it would be nice to have better security. But we’ve got deadlines!

With EnvKey, there’s no tradeoff between security and productivity. Integrating an app takes less than 15 minutes. There's no setting up servers, dealing with encryption keys, or complex integration code. Once you’ve integrated, you’ll be amazed by how much time it actually saves your team on configuration issues.

A few things you’ll never have to deal with again:

No more “hey, can someone send me their .env file? I think I’m missing something.”

No more tracking down bugs caused by missing or outdated config.

No more downtime, failed deploys, or failed CI builds because you forgot to update an API key on that one server.

No more copy-pasting the same environment variables into a dozen places.

With EnvKey, developers stay in sync, servers stay in sync, and it all just works. Your secrets are secure, your team is more productive, and configuration management is drastically simplified.

Manage development, staging, production, and beyond all in one place.

Your apps need to run in different environments. That includes development machines, test servers, staging servers, production servers, and more.

With EnvKey, you can manage every environment and the relationships between them all in one place. You get a top-down view of configuration across the whole system.

Eliminate duplication with inheritance.

DRY isn’t just for code. Instead of duplicating values that are shared between environments, you can define inheritance relationships. The next time you need to update a shared value, you can do it in one place.

Be flexible with sub-environments.

When you need environments that go beyond development, staging, and production, EnvKey lets you extend those base environments with sub-environments.

Secure invitations with strong end-to-end encryption.

Sharing secrets over third party channels in plain text presents numerous security issues. You may trust these services to keep your conversations private, but they aren’t designed to hold the crown jewels. EnvKey's secure invitations ensure that no third party (including EnvKey) ever has access to your unencrypted config.

Simple access controls, instant revocations.

In contrast to complex, error-prone permission systems like IAM, EnvKey makes it simple to grant access on a need-to-know basis, and revoke it instantly when it's no longer needed.

Simplified secrets rotation.

When you need to rotate a secret, that’s a lot simpler too. Just update it in one place and you’re done—no need to hunt down everywhere you’ve ever used that API key.

Real-time collaboration.

The EnvKey App keeps everyone updated in real-time. If one developer starts editing a value, it will be locked for everyone else to avoid overwrites. If you give someone access to a new app, they'll see it immediately. There's no need for refreshes or restarts.

Integrate quickly and flexibly.

Integrating with EnvKey is as simple as installing a single library and setting an ENVKEY environment variable. You can generate as many ENVKEYs per environment as you need.

Local caching for offline work.

Lost your internet connection? Working on a plane or at the park? No problem—EnvKey caches encrypted config locally in development mode so that you can keep coding without missing a beat. When you reconnect, you’ll get the latest config.

Manage multiple accounts and organizations in a single app.

Do you want to use EnvKey at your day job and also for personal projects? Or maybe you work at an agency and need to manage credentials across multiple client projects. Either way, you're covered. You can create as many accounts and organizations as you need, and switch between them with a couple clicks.

Make strong security the path of least resistance.

EnvKey is desktop-only.
Check back on desktop to download.